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Sattvasan - Yoga & Meditation Care Products

Sattvasan's Yoga & Meditation products are carefully made to enhance your mindful practice. You can find hypoallergenic and organic zafus, zabutons, yoga mats, bolsters and more in our collection – all of them offer the ideal support for your moments of inner reflection.

We use GOTS certified fabric and organic kapok to fill our products, showing our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in every stitch. These high-quality materials make your yoga and meditation experience not only cozy but also eco-friendly. Plus, our products have a smart design feature – a zipper that lets you easily adjust the firmness or softness by adding or removing filler material. At Pompuff, we respect that the path to inner peace is personal, and our Yoga & Meditation collection enables you to customize your practice to your specific needs.

Enjoy the soothing mix of hypoallergenic and organic luxury, as Sattvasan welcomes you to turn each yoga and meditation session into a haven of comfort and well-being.

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