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Experience the ultimate in travel comfort with the Rambly Travel Pillow. This pillow is designed to provide superior comfort and support during your travels, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Our travel pillow is made with a GOTS certified organic velvet cover, offering a luxuriously soft touch against your skin. The velvet cover is not only incredibly comfortable, but also hypoallergenic, making it better suited for people with sensitive skin.

Inside, the pillow is generously stuffed with Natural Kapok, a light, fluffy, and hypoallergenic fiber known for its excellent support and insulation properties. The kapok filling conforms to your neck and head, providing optimal support and relieving pressure points.

The Rambly Organic Velvet Travel Pillow is not just about comfort, it's also about sustainability. The use of organic velvet and natural kapok aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility. The GOTS certification guarantees that the velvet used in this pillow is produced in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car, our Rambly Organic Velvet Travel Pillow is the perfect accessory to enhance your travel experience. Its plush feel, supportive design, and hypoallergenic properties will make every journey a more comfortable one.

Order your Rambly Organic Velvet Travel Pillow today and travel in comfort and style. Experience the difference that natural, organic, and hypoallergenic comfort can make in your travel routine.


Please note that the actual product may vary slightly in color and dimensions. Always refer to the product specifications for exact details. Enjoy your shopping!

Travel Pillow

₹2,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,099.00Sale Price
  • Set of 1 Travel Pillow

    Material: All new material consisting of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Velvet stuffed with natural Kapok

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